Google now lets you immediately access and delete your search history

Judy Cobb
October 25, 2018

The only problem was that these settings were essentially hidden deep inside the Google Account dashboard, and they are now much easier to access than ever before thanks to the direct link from Google Search.

In the recent past, Google has brought changes in the privacy controls and search history that makes it possible to review and delete search history. From the resulting dropdown, choose Your data in Search.

By default, a user's search history will heavily influence both the above options, affecting the kinds of advertisements that target the user as well as refining future searches to better align with their previous searches.

The new privacy links will appear in web search pages today and in iOS and Android apps "in the coming weeks", according to Google. Similar changes will come to other Google services, like Maps, next year.

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To be clear, these are all controls that we could already access through Google's account settings menu.

Google and Facebook have been hit separately by class action lawsuits accusing the companies of secretly tracking users' locations, even after those users were led to believe that they had switched such tracking off.

The tech giant has updated its menus, giving you the ability to review and delete search history within Google search itself, Eric Miraglia, director of the product management, privacy and data protection office, said in a blog post. You could always hunt through your Google Account page to locate your search history activity stream, but now, Google is simplifying that process. Being able to not only see your personal data, but also delete it, puts more control in the user's hands - where it should be. If you want to tweak the type of ads that Google shows you, you can do that, too, in Ad Settings. Users will get quicker access to options like disabling ad personalization and preventing Google apps from saving user activity.

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