Will the upcoming flu season be as deadly as previous year?

Pearl Mccarthy
October 20, 2018

The CDC is in its second week of its reporting on the 2018-2019 flu season, and the latest report covers activity for the week ending Oct 13. It takes around two weeks for your body to develop the antibody protection needed to fight off the virus. Getting it every year will keep you better protected, as well as help keep the populations most vulnerable to the flu - children and the elderly - safe through herd immunity.

While there are many misconceptions about the flu vaccine, "the most common one we hear is that it gives people the flu", Lin said.

An alternative form of the flu vaccine will be available for children who are unable to have the nasal spray. Last flu season, DPHHS recorded over 10,000 cases, 979 hospitalizations, and 79 deaths related to influenza. According to statistics, every 100 people with the flu will spread it to 127 other people. It also was unusually intense, with high levels of illness reported in almost every state for weeks on end.

"We really want people to understand that you can't get the flu from the flu shot", Jean Moorjani, a pediatrician at Orlando Health, told Health. Dr. Bagatell says that's concerning because the flu season typically happens during the winter.

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"Demand for the flu vaccine from under 65s has been high across Scotland, however Global Positioning System in Forth Valley are able to order supplies in line with local requirements". The vaccine has an 88% efficacy rate and is strongly recommended by the World Health Organization. So it's possible that you could contract flu or a variation of the virus during in this time.

The county Health Services Agency has scheduled flu vaccination clinics at no cost for low-income residents. People can ask their doctor what type of flu vaccine is right for them. The doctor says flu activity can happen anytime between October through May. During the 2017-18 season, there were 272 flu-related deaths in Iowa.

Medical and care home staff are spreading the flu because so many are not taking the optional vaccination, they said, adding that the jab should be compulsory for all front-line healthcare workers. A person can get the flu during this period.

"You can not get the flu from a flu shot..." "Herd immunity" is a theory that if everyone in a group or community is vaccinated against a particular illness, such as the flu, everyone will be protected against that illness.

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