Canada to pardon pot possession as it legalizes marijuana

Leroy Wright
October 20, 2018

"We just made history", said the 46-year-old Power, who bought one gram of marijuana.

He and his friend Alex Lacrosse were smoking when two police officers walked by.

"You know, this is a major public policy shift in this country, probably the largest in several decades", said Mike Farnworth, the Public Safety Minister for British Columbia, "I've no doubt there will be hiccups".

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a bill on May 6, 2017, preventing the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency from using federal funds to prosecute medical marijuana businesses operating under state law. At least 111 pot shops were expected to open Wednesday across the nation of 37 million people, with many more to come, according to an Associated Press survey of the provinces.

According to the Daily Mail, Canadians seeking out legal recreational marijuana on Thursday not only had to contend with long lines, but also supply shortages in the wake of the historic change.

"I am going to frame it and hang it on my wall".

"I'm going to have a lot more variety than the black market dealers, so you have a lot more choice at our store".

Shopify Inc. reported that Canadian online cannabis stores powered by Shopify Inc. software processed more than 100 orders per minute in the first 12 hours of legalization.

Meanwhile, the government's online cannabis store says high demand is delaying delivery, which could now take up to five business days instead of up to three as initially estimated. Hundreds later lined up. "I am so happy to be living in Canada right now instead of south of the border".

The stores have a sterile look, like a modern clinic, with a security desk to check identification.

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Each province in Canada has different laws, but they all must meet conditions set by the federal government. Private store licenses will only be issued after legalization, the province's Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth said.

In Ontario, residents will have to make purchases online until brick and mortar stores are permitted to begin selling the drug in the spring of next year.

The provinces and territories will be responsible for setting rules for sales and distribution, which has led to a patchwork of regulations across the country. You must follow local laws.

Hundreds more license applications are now under review by officials.

At present, the legal sale of pot is limited to fresh buds, oil, plants and seeds.

Like alcohol, driving while impaired by cannabis or any other drug will still be illegal. A sign up at YVR reads: "Crossing worldwide borders with cannabis is illegal", according to an October 16 Global News article.

Illegal marijuana cafes and lounges have thrived for years in Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Windsor, Ontario, however these establishments are the exact kind of places legalisation is created to bring down.

The seemingly contradictory stance arises from US Attorney General Jeff Sessions' determination to enforce the federal ban on marijuana.

"Yesterday was the day that everyone was waiting for but I think that little by little the queue will decrease", he said.

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