Introducing the 'Palm', a Tiny New Android-Powered Smartphone

Judy Cobb
October 16, 2018

With a small 3.3-inch display in the times of mainstream flagship models like the iPhone XS Max (6.5-inch) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (6.4-inch), the Palm offers users with a minimal approach to the phone.

But as the vicious cycle of new becomes old, and old becomes new again proves, these legacy brands never truly die - especially when there's money to be made.

The Palm Ventures Group acquired the rights to the Palm trademark from TCL which was bought by them in 2014 from HP.

Moreover, the Palm comes with Android 8.1 operating out of the box and the company has also created a custom skin that can directly take its users to the app tray.

Palm is also promoting the device as a large-ish wearable that you can strap on with an armband for workouts. It's packing 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 435 processor, and 32GB of storage. You'll also find a 12MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, and a weight of just 2.2 ounces. Popular apps work on the phone, including Apple iTunes. Some would argue that an LTE-enabled smartwatch could function the same way as the Palm phone but perhaps this could be a viable alternative for those who don't want something on their wrist (or who like traditional mechanical watches).

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To do that, the Palm Phone has a couple of interesting features built in. Instead, you've got a vertical list of all your apps, a Google search bar at the top, quick access to the Google Assistant by double-pressing the power button, and that's about it.

Verizon is the exclusive carrier/retail partner for the Palm and is selling it for either $349 unlocked, $299 with a two-year contract, or $14.58/month for 24 months. First off, it doesn't appear that you can buy this phone outright. You'll need to disable iMessage whenever switching to The Palm.

But the Palm Companion comes with a "Life" mode that silences all your notifications and even mutes any calls so you can focus on things in the real world - when you are out with friends, for example.

A feature called Life Mode allows you to decide which notifications the mini phone will receive; you can turn off phone calls, choose not to receive text messages, and opt out of Instagram notifications, among many others. Basically, this little device can be both exactly like your smartphone and nothing like it, depending on how much you want it to be. Or the weekend when you're at the big game.

Palm is just one of the smartphone makers that the iPhone-Android duo killed over the past decade - the list also includes several noteworthy names like BlackBerry, Nokia, and Microsoft's smartphone efforts.

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