Red Dead Redemption 3 could happen "if this one does well enough"

Judy Cobb
October 15, 2018

Rockstar Games is one of the most respected games developing studio in the industry.

Speaking in a recent interview with Vulture, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser estimated that there is roughly 65 hours of story content awaiting players, in a campaign which will recount the exploits of the Van Der Linde gang.

Other missions were also subject to cuts, including "a mission on a train where you had to deal with bounty hunters".

It's not as bad as the PSA on the back of the Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro bundle, but if you're headed to the Wild West on Xbox One you're still going to need nearly 90GB to get started.

What's missing from Red Dead Redemption 2 are any big-name stars. This is despite the fact that Rockstar has cut 5 hours of content from the story. Until next time, Happy Gaming! It'll release next Friday, the 26th of October on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Initially, Arthur Morgan had two love interests.

"This part of the process is always about compromise and horse trading".

So ambitious was the project that Rockstar became the "biggest employer of actors in terms of numbers of anyone in NY, by miles", said Houser.

Of course, losing a few hours here and there isn't what gamers want - but when you realise how big Red Dead 2 still is, you'll probably be thankful for Rockstar's decision.

The number of characters in the game required 1200 actors, all of them SAG-AFTRA, 700 of whom have dialogue, which meant 2,200 days of motion-capture work. For those that don't know, there are over 200 species of animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, so this trophy could take quite some time to complete and its only bronze.

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