‘Saturday Night Live’ takes on Trump-Kanye meeting

Sergio Cunningham
October 14, 2018

He completely disregarded the directive, though, instead launching into a rambling spiel about the flying powers of his MAGA hat, skipping from the 12th Amendment to the 14th, and how the murder rate in Chicago is going down so much it will soon be negative: "We're gonna be digging bodies out of the ground!"

Then: "Oh my God, he's black me".

It only took until the third episode of "Saturday Night Live's" 44th season for Alec Baldwin to slip back into a suit, red tie and Donald Trump combover wig.

He also said this, referring to the Trump-Kanye hug: "It's not every day you get to see white supremacists and black people betrayed in the exact same way".

It is here when Trump has an internal monologue saying that he is "cuckoo" and how he "doesn't listen to anyone but himself".

Added Trump, "I've been in the room with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un and they made a lot more sense than him". "They're trying to control my mind and when someone tells me what to do and what I can wear and I can't wear I feel like they are touching my brain".

Newspaper says Turkey has audio of Saudi writer's slaying
Reports suggest an assault and struggle took place in the consulate after Mr Khashoggi entered the building to get some documents. Saudi Arabia denies any involvement in Khashoggi's disappearance, claiming he left the consulate that afternoon.

"Oh my Lord. What have I gotten myself into?" thought Brown in voiceover.

As the West character went off on a somewhat incoherent rant, the Trump character said to himself: "This guy might be coocoo".

"Can someone be tri-polar?"

Inevitably, SNL responded and the result is an approximate guess of what was actually going through Trump's head as West spoke.

The superstar rapper was there to discuss prison reform, but also took the opportunity to attack USA comedy show Saturday Night Live and Chinese manufacturing jobs.

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