Changing Minds discuss mental health with Newport County under 18s

Pearl Mccarthy
October 10, 2018

MENTAL health illness can strike at any time of life, affect any age group, any demographic and can be extremely hard to diagnose, let alone treat.

An award-winning Burnley gym operator is out to promote the positive impact exercise can have on mental health by offering people a free five-day pass in honour of World Mental Health Day. One in four people in the United Kingdom suffer from this illness and I really hope this campaign will continue to extend the conversation about how important good mental health is, and how urgently we need the government to pour money into mental health resources - the county's crying out for it.

She says that young children, some as young as six-years-old, can also be affected by mental health issues.

Nevertheless, the negative stigma around mental illness continues to prevent many people from speaking out about their struggles at work. "We need their voices to shape their future in the right way, using their creativity and energy to make change".

Hudson, who leads a team of more than 1000 people at the accounting software firm in this country, said the policy would go some way to making people realise "it's okay to not be okay".

Despite this alarming scenario, mental health continues to be a taboo topic with huge stigma attached to it. The resource packs contain advice on how to recognise mental health issues and offer strategies to deal with emerging problems. Out of managers who responded, 39 percent said someone has approached them to talk about their mental health, and ten percent said this was as recently as the last month. "We can not expect to save lives if people who need help are being turned away from specialist care", they wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday. So, let's talk about our mental health and look after it by fitting regular activity into our daily lives and walk, run, dance or swim our way to better health and wellbeing. The more we know the better guides we may be.

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The second day of the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit takes place in London today.

"There remains significant under-investment in the mental health system".

It is important that staff feel they can speak up about their mental health and obtain the support that they need to address and overcome any problems.

Here are some statistics that give you an idea of just how prevalent mental health conditions are among the Australian population. With mental health trusts taking a real terms £105million cut in 2016-2017 from five years previous.

Regulatory, said: "World Mental Health Day is a timely reminder to raise awareness and initiate conversations to improve mental wellbeing in the communities we serve". Dr Khalid Mufti said the successive governments made promises and pledged to undertake efforts in the past without working solutions but only when youth-oriented mental health issues came to a limelight through the media. According to most people, they're just expected to get over it without spending a dime on treatment. Only 17 percent of respondents believe their employer is supportive of those having financial difficulties.

New research commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation shows that more than one in 10 children aged between 10 and 15 say they have no-one to talk to or wouldn't talk to anyone in school if they feel anxious or sad.

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