Brett Kavanaugh nomination: Trump challenges accuser

Leroy Wright
September 21, 2018

The Senate Judiciary Committee has delayed Kavanaugh's confirmation vote and invited both Ford and Kavanaugh to testify before the committee Monday about Ford's allegations. He said that Ford and her attorneys have until Friday to commit to appear at a hearing that could take place Monday about these allegations.

"Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a fine man, with an impeccable reputation, who is under assault by radical left wing politicians who don't want to know the answers, they just want to destroy and delay", Trump tweeted.

"As you are aware, she's been receiving death threats which have been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and she and her family have been forced out of their home".

Collins is an important player because she and a handful of other borderline senators could make the difference in the final vote on Kavanaugh in the Senate.

Testifying Monday, however, "is not possible and the Committee's insistence that it occur then is arbitrary in any event", Ford's lawyers wrote. Kavanaugh was seen at the White House on Thursday (Friday NZT). But here's what I want to tell you: "In the very near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court", the Republican leader from Kentucky said in a speech at the Values Voter Summit Friday in the nation's capital. Grassley wrote in a Wednesday letter to Democrats on the Judiciary Committee that the FBI investigated Hill's accusations against Thomas when they were still not public.

Ms Ford's lawyers said earlier this week that she would not appear before the Senate until the FBI has investigated the allegations.

The battle for confirmation comes just weeks before congressional elections on 6 November.

The psychology professor at Palo Alto University in California said she was being treated for what she said had been the long-term effects of the incident.

On Thursday, conservative activist and president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center Ed Whelan fired off a series of conspiratorial tweets arguing that Ford could have been confusing Kavanaugh with another classmate. Kavanaugh has denied the accusation. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee who has played a central role in the Ford developments.

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Miranda said she believes Ford, noting that it is unlikely that someone would put herself and her family through such scrutiny if it wasn't true.

Republican panel member Lindsey Graham said on Twitter that requiring an FBI investigation of a 36-year-old allegation "is not about finding the truth, but delaying the process till after the midterm elections".

"He said / she said" has become part of the lexicon of language used to discuss sexual assault cases for a reason. He also retweeted other accounts accusing liberals and the media of overplaying the allegations against Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is accused of sexually assaulting Christine Blasey Ford decades ago when the two were in high school.

Activists chant slogans during a protest outside the office of Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen.

One of the four has yet to be publicly identified.

She told a senior Democratic lawmaker of her allegation in a confidential letter this summer and only went public after it was leaked.

"We believe that Chrissy has acted bravely by voicing her experience from the past, and we know how hard this is for her. Chrissy is not someone who chooses to be in the spotlight", the letter said.

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