Debate swirls over the search of Botham Jean's apartment

Leroy Wright
September 16, 2018

A police affidavit released Thursday - the same day of Jean's funeral - shows that police seized relevant items to the case, like two fired cartridge casings, a laptop and a backpack with police equipment and paperwork, according NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, but also 10.4 grams of marijuana and a marijuana grinder. She claims she entered the wrong flat, mistaking it for her own, thought she was facing an intruder and felt it necessary to discharge her firearm.

Shortly after the news station was eviscerated on Twitter by people on both sides of the aisle, they changed their headline.

Meanwhile, the search warrant for Jean's apartment - filed on September 7, two days before Guyger was interviewed by Texas Rangers - tells an ominously different story.

She has been charged with manslaughter and has been released on bail. Jean then "confronted" Guyger "at the door", the document says, adding, "A neighbor stated he heard an exchange of words, immediately followed by at least two gunshots".

Lawyers for Jean's family have asked the Dallas County District Attorney's Office to push for a murder indictment and an internal investigation concerning information released concerning the collection of evidence during the probe into Jean's death. PERIOD. Botham Jean should still be alive and Black. She said Jean ignored her verbal commands, and she fired two shots, hitting him once in the torso, the affidavit said.

The arrest affidavit for Guyger, filed by a Texas Ranger and based off of Guyger's version of events, claims Guyger "inserted a unique door key, with an electronic chip, into the door key hole".

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Hall has placed Amber Guyger, who has been with the department almost five years, on paid administrative leave.

Lee Merritt, an attorney for Jean's family, says that the search "highlights just sort of the nefarious nature of their investigation".

He also says they may have included "narcotics" in the search warrant because someone may have already seen it out in the open in the apartment.

On Friday, Jean's family addressed the new developments in a press conference. "My son's life matters". Jean said her son "did everything with passion". "It is time that we recognize that lives matter, my son's life matters". Inside, the lights were off, and she saw a figure in the darkness that cast a large silhouette across the room, according to the officer's account.

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