Russian Federation bombers off Alaska intercepted by U.S. fighter jets

Leroy Wright
September 15, 2018

Two Russian bombers were intercepted by Alaska-based fighter jets in global airspace west of the state on Tuesday, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The last interception came on September 1 near the Aleutian Islands.

The most recent incident occurred on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, and involved two Russian TU-95 bombers and their escort fighters, SU-35s.

Russian fighter jets were caught escorting two nuclear-capable bombers off the coast of Alaska on Tuesday - marking the second such incident this month, according to United States officials. The TU-95 is a nuclear-capable bomber, according to The Hill.

US Air Force F-22 stealth fighters intercepted two Russian strategic bombers escorted by two fighter jets near Alaska on Tuesday, marking the second time Russia has done so in a month.

Under its rules, the USA requests any foreign aircraft to identify itself and its flight plan when entering the air defense zone.

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"The homeland is no longer a sanctuary and the ability to deter and defeat threats to our citizens, vital infrastructure, and national institutions starts with successfully detecting, tracking, and positively identifying aircraft of interest approaching US and Canadian airspace", O'Shaughnesy said in a statement. The Russian planes did not enter sovereign US airspace on either of the previous two occasions.

The Russian aircraft did not enter USA or Canadian air space.

A previous interception of bombers occurring on September 1 involved bombers without any Russian fighter jet escorts, CNN noted.

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