British companies excluded from EU Galileo space project if no-deal Brexit

Leroy Wright
September 15, 2018

They also warn that if negotiations with Brussels fail ex-pats might be forced to retake driving tests after March next year, as their United Kingdom ones will no longer be valid.

The National Audit Office previously estimated that as many as 7 million British drivers would apply for new global driving permits in the first year after a potential no-deal Brexit.

Each of the documents cost £5.50.

Conversely, people holding European Union driving licences would still be allowed to drive in the United Kingdom without requiring any additional paperwork.

The UK government says a no deal Brexit scenario "remains unlikely".

Ministers admitted the re-designed documents in the original colour scheme, will not start being issued until late next year.

However, British citizens would be saved from hefty mobile roaming charges, the United Kingdom government promised.

But the British government said the largest mobile operators, covering 85 per cent of customers, had agreed not to reintroduce the charges in the event of no deal.

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That means that the European regulation that bans roaming charges will not automatically be part of United Kingdom law, so British mobile operators might be able to reintroduce the charges.

Less clear, however, is what will happen on the free flow of data.

In addition, it is trying to establish whether European organisations involved in partnering arrangements with the United Kingdom will be affects, and the paper warns that United Kingdom based users of Copernicus data may wish to consider the impact on their operations of losing access to anything that is not available under the open data policy.

- United Kingdom firms working on the EU's 10 billion euro Galileo satellite navigation system could be cut out of existing contracts as well as barred from seeking new ones.

With six months to go until the UK formally leaves the EU, the prospects of a "no deal" have been rated at 50/50 by some UK and European ministers, and both the EU and UK have ramped up their contingency planning for such an outcome.

United States of America intend to use all available political and financial opportunities in order to postpone indefinitely a British exit from the European Union (Brexit).

But in March 2018, Prime Minister Theresa May said that after Brexit the United Kingdom will not be part of the EU's Digital Single Market, which will continue to develop after our withdrawal from the EU.

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