Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max: 5 coolest features

Pearl Mccarthy
September 14, 2018

From there, the differences are minor, with one huge exception: The iPhone XS Max will be the company's largest phone ever.

If you're not already foaming at the mouth at the £999 starting price, you might also be interested to discover that the iPhone Xs represents the next era of Apple smartphones: it's the first IP68-rated iPhone; the one with the biggest screen (6.5in on the Max); has the biggest battery; and its display is fitted with a buttery-smooth 120Hz panel with HDR10 support.

Apple's new iPhone XS, pronounced "ten S", has a 5.8-inch (14.7-cm) screen, and will be sold at a starting price of $999. Its physical size sits somewhere between an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, only with a much larger screen.

California tech giant Apple on Wednesday unveiled its first dual-SIM card gadget at an event held at the company's new headquarters, Steve Jobs Theater, in Cupertino, California.

As expected, Apple revealed several new iterations of the iPhone during its Keynote 2018 address.

Apple appears set to continue its practice of higher pricing outside of the United States.

Both feature an upgraded version of the iPhone X's dual lens camera - one of the device's best features - which allows for better portraits and higher-quality videos even in low light.

The home button is gone, but the screen acts much like the X's, with Face ID and swiping to go home.

Like their predecessor, the iPhone X, the name is meant to be pronounced as the number 10.

While the iPhone has made Apple the world's most valuable company, worth more than $1tn, it has slipped to third place among smartphone makers as Chinese-based Huawei has grabbed the number two spot.

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Analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy said Apple had done enough "to keep its smartphone growth going until the competition responds".

But regardless of the insane prices, Apple fans are still always waiting to get their hands on any new iPhone the company rolls out.

Apple also announced a new Apple Watch, which will move further into medical device territory.

This even-bigger iPhone, which will be available on September 21 - with orders open the week before - represents Apple's attempt to feed consumers' appetite for increasingly larger screens as they rely on smartphones to watch and record video, as well as take photos wherever they are.

Both are loaded with Apple's new A12 Bionic chip, which Apple claims runs run 15 per cent faster than the A11 chip in the iPhone X.

The smartwatches are able to detect hard falls, and an electrical heart rate sensor can take an electrocardiogram. You can also add specific people or time zones to the watch face. The accelerometer has been improved to detect falls, and can auto-dial emergency services when necessary.

"I can see kids buying one for their parents and grandparents", he said of the smartwatch. However, those expecting a better battery will be disappointed, as the Watch 4 promises the same 18-hour lifespan.

"Apple watch has become an intelligent guardian for your health", he boasted.

Apple did not mention its AirPower wireless charging mat this week at its annual iPhone event.

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