Harvey Weinstein Accuser Releases Footage Of Him Groping Her

Sergio Cunningham
September 13, 2018

Former media mogul Harvey Weinstein appeared to fondle businesswoman Melissa Thompson in a video released by Sky News.

Apparently, Thompson had visited The Weinstein Company offices in NY to make a business pitch for her company's services and had recorded their meeting as part of the demo. According to a new interview with Sky News, Thompson alleges Weinstein put his hand "up under the table up my dress", which is not seen on camera.

At one point in the video, Thompson is explaining to Weinstein how she might be able to help his company promote its movies, but he interrupts her with what reads awfully like a blatant sexual proposition: "You just tell me what I can do and when it's going to happen", Weinstein says as Thompson smiles nervously.

"Defendant moves to dismiss the indictment or counts thereof on various grounds of alleged defect or deficiency in the presentation of the matter to the grand jury", said Cyrus Vance Jr's office on Wednesday in a response to a sprawling and politically charged August 3 motion to dismiss from Weinstein's primary attorney Ben Brafman.

Near the beginning of the meeting Weinstein is heard asking Thompson "Am I allowed to flirt with you?", to which she replied "We'll see". She says it was standard protocol for her to record meetings, and the video for this one is unsettling. When she arrived however, she soon found herself alone in Weinstein's office where the producer then asked for privacy and locked the door behind them.

In a lawsuit filed in June, Thompson said Weinstein raped her that evening at a hotel.

In the video, Weinstein eventually agrees to use Thompson's service.

"I was trying to save face a bit. trying to manage the situation".

Brafman said the video shows "casual, if not awkward, flirting from both parties".

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"Anything short of that is meant to make Mr. Weinstein appear inappropriate and even exploitative", lawyer Ben Brafman said. "This is a further attempt to publicly disgrace Mr. Weinstein for financial gain, and we will not stand for it. Facts do matter", the lawyer told People magazine.

The video was taken as part of a demo for a video platform that her start-up company was offering.

Thompson is a plaintiff in the class action suit against Weinstein, and back in June spoke to NBC News about her experience with Weinstein.

"If he would make a comment, I would try to catch it and return it in a way that felt a little safer than the way he threw it at me".

Thompson, who had previously worked on Wall Street, rejected suggestions she encouraged Weinstein's behaviour.

The meeting goes on like that from there. He said the most viable claim was that Weinstein abused his power to make or break acting careers to get sex. They said the secret grand jury documents provided to the judge were enough to show they presented evidence "fairly and in a manner that was not misleading".

Several actresses and models accused Weinstein of criminal sexual assaults.

"It wasn't an invitation to go to his hotel room".

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