Confirmed: the OnePlus 6 definitely has an in-display fingerprint reader

Judy Cobb
September 12, 2018

Alleged leaked images of the OnePlus 6T's box first hinted that the phone would have the in-screen fingerprint sensor. Unlike previous leaks and rumors, this time the information comes straight from OnePlus itself.

T-Mobile would be the exclusive launch carrier for OnePlus in the USA, selling the phone through its retail stores and website, CNET reports, while OnePlus will still sell an unlocked version of the 6T via its own site.

The letter read, "We unlock our phones multiple times a day, and Screen Unlock reduces the number of steps to complete the action". OnePlus 6T users willwill the options to choose which way they want to unlock their phone in a way which is most efficient for them, or use both.

The in-display fingerprint scanner will come as an additional feature on the OnePlus 6T.

For that reason the OnePlus 6T is highly anticipated - it is expected to build upon everything the OnePlus 6 did right while also touting new features of its own. The other two are OnePlus and Oppo. We don't yet know what will be the objective of the third camera: it could be a telephoto lens, a super wide-angle lens or a dedicated black-and-white shooter (our bet is on a tele lens). Already the concept design is out and OnePlus 6T will come with an Oppo R17 body and the same hardware inside. But whatever: To the user, they will be pressing their finger on the display to unlock the phone.

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Hopefully the company can offer enough surprise moments and strong announcements to keep current fans and convert nonbelievers. China Telecom's promotional poster shows an iPhone render with an iPhone X display notch and an ejected dual SIM card tray.

Pioneered by Vivo, which showed off a prototype phone with the technology at CES earlier this year, the in-screen reader has since appeared in a host of other Chinese handsets.

Nice! So the fingerprint sensor will be under the display.

Despite being known as "in-screen fingerprint readers" the technology is actually embedded underneath displays. The OnePlus 6T will have an OLED panel and no physical fingerprint sensor.

In order to accommodate the new technology, the design of the OnePlus 6T will be "slightly tweaked" compared to its predecessor, with the incoming flagship set to be slightly thicker with re-arranged internals. This makes October 17 the likely unveiling date of the 6T (it is indeed a Wednesday).

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