Russian Federation weighs possibility of deliberate act in space station damage

Cristina Cross
September 10, 2018

The hole, a 2-millimeter breach in the Soyuz MS-09, was discovered as the spacecraft docked in the Russian sector of the ISS.

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Dmitry Rogozin, space agency chief of Russia's space agency, said that the hole in the space station-which caused an air leak-wasn't of natural causes.

McClain told reporters that Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency, has convened a state commission to look into the leak and that she had "100 per cent faith" in the commission. Rogozin said that the version of the craft that is still on Earth would be checked for similar defects, but he leaned heavily towards a saboteur with a drill and a "wavering hand". "I just don't see astronauts drilling a hole intentionally". The crew of three US astronauts, two Russians and one German were never in any danger. NASA issued photos of the so-called "impact" but after detailed analysis Roscomos admitted that an external impact had been ruled out.

NASA hasn't yet commented on what might have caused the 2-millimeter (0.08 inches) hole, which resulted in temporary and minor depressurization before astronauts successfully patched it on August 30. The hole is in a section of the Soyuz ship that is discarded in orbit and not used to carry people back to Earth. The Russian space agency, for their part, clearly believes their theory all the way enough to conduct an investigation.

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"One of the possibilities is the spacecraft might have been damaged in the final assembly hangar".

Russian cosmonauts patched the hole with tape and sealant to stop the oxygen leak.

The hole that caused the International Space Station air pressure leak was discovered to be made by a drill.

Photographs of the hole in the Soyuz's upper habitation module showed what appeared to be a drill hole in an interior panel with several nearby gouges, like those that would be caused by a drill skipping across a surface before digging in. Russian MP Maxim Surayev and former ISS cosmonaut offered that one of the current inhabitants may have done it in an attempt to cut his/her stay short and return home.

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