‘Fortnite’ Monopoly Confirmed Primed For a Holiday Release

Judy Cobb
September 10, 2018

An Epic Games employee confirmed on Twitter today that Fortnite Nerf guns are coming to toy stores next year.

IGN reports, via confirmation from Hasbro, that it will be available worldwide on October 1st. Now, the wait is over, but rather than being a direct replica of the last-man-standing video game-or one that's as close as possible, given the limitations-Epic Games has partnered with Hasbro to create Fortnite Monopoly. Just like Microsoft did with Minecraft, we can definitely expect Epic to license out the Fortnite brand in a variety of merchandising deals, and one of the first one of those was just announced. The site listed a price tag of £26.99 (around $35), but claimed a release date of November 26th.

In addition to the confirmation of Fortnite Monopoly, Hasbro also confirmed that the company will be producing a line of Nerf dart blasters based around the game that will surely bring to life numerous signature weapons and items from the game, with a current release window aimed for spring 2019. First, building - the dice offer the ability to place a wall around the space you're now occupying, offering protection from anybody trying to take a shot at you. The rules were detailed on the now-removed page on Zavvi. It's certainly a unique twist on the Monopoly formula, and may see veteran Fortnite players tearing themselves away from the game in order to experience the shooter in tabletop format. If you lose all your health points, you lose, and just like the video game, the last player standing wins. There are storm spaces on the board which automatically knock two lives off a player when landed on.

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On top of all of that, it seems that the standard Monopoly player pieces have been replaced by cardboard character tokens that each depict a skin from the game. When you land on a property that has been taken by the storm you lose 2 life.

Every time I have ever tried to play Monopoly with my family, it has led to one of us wishing we could murder someone else, and in the Fortnite edition, I will finally be able to.

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