Everything That Happened This Week In The Trump-Russia Story

Leroy Wright
September 10, 2018

In addition to the prison time, Mr. Papadopoulos was sentenced to one year of supervised release and 200 hours of community service.

Prosecutors for Special Counsel Robert Mueller said Papadopoulos lied to agents about his contacts with Russians during the campaign "to minimize both his own role as a witness and the extent of the campaign's knowledge of his contacts", according to the government's sentencing memorandum.

Prosecutor Andrew Goldstein said Friday in court that Papadopoulos "deliberately and repeatedly lied to FBI agents pursuing a highly significant federal investigation", making a calculated decision "to advance his personal interests" to try to land a high-level administration post.

Papadopoulos told CNN in an interview aired on Friday that Mr Trump "gave me a sort of a nod" and "wasn't committed either way" about the idea of a meeting with the Russian leader. The judge said there's no evidence Papadopolous had "any desire to aid Russian Federation in any way".

Judge Randolph Moss said he took the "genuine remorse" into consideration for the sentencing. "This investigation has global implications and the truth matters". "I might have, but I have no recollection of doing so".

DNC lawyers wrote in court filings Friday that Joseph Mifsud, who spoke to Papadopoulos during the 2016 presidential election, "is missing and may be deceased", Bloomberg News reported.

Papadopoulos' lawyer Thomas Breen had asked for leniency for his client, saying, "The president of the United States hindered this investigation more than George Papadopoulos ever could".

Woodward on Anonymous NYT Op-Ed: 'I Wouldn’t Have Used It'
His spokesman Jarrod Agen said: "Our office is above such amateur acts", adding that the writer "should be ashamed". Trump reiterated that it was a "disgrace" that the Times would publish the piece.

"The message is for all of us to check our loyalty, to tell the truth, to help the good guys", Breen said.

"We were going in there to cooperate potentially against those two individuals", he said. So I sat down and, you know, I looked at the candidate, I looked at candidate Trump directly in his eyes and said, I can do this for you if it's in your interest and if it's in the campaign's interest.

The federal inquiry into the potential collusion with Russian Federation in the 2016 election has been ongoing. Papadopoulos had initially claimed this was before he joined the campaign, though he later confirmed it was once he was on staff. However, he did not submit to the judge any letters from friends and family that spoke to his personal character or supported his request.

The punishment was far less than the maximum six-month sentence sought by the government but also more than the probation that Papadopoulos and his lawyers had asked for.

That account conflicts with what Sessions, now attorney general, testified before Congress.

The only other defendant in the Russian Federation probe who has been sentenced is Dutch attorney Alexander Van der Zwaan. Manafort and Gates have yet to be sentenced.

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