Fortnite: new patch adds capture the jewels Getaway mode

Judy Cobb
September 9, 2018

The next Fortnite patch has officially arrived and it's introducing a brand new game mode. Upon relaunching the game, a new jewel heist mode called "The Getaway" will be present; in it, players are tasked with retrieving one of four jewels from special Supply Drops. First four teams to make their way to a getaway van will win. You're also slowed down by 10%, but it gives you extra health and shields over time. Epic Games has chose to get in on the action with a new High Stakes event launched today and introducing a new game mode, cosmetic items and in-game utility to Fortnite with a heist-inspired aesthetic. An epic rarity item (which means it's super hard to get) with 15 "shots", it can launch you across the map in seconds, helping you escape - and take out - opponents quickly. Several supply drops are scattered around the island. Of course, there are always those other pesky players trying to stop that.

As well as High Stakes, this week's Fortnite update includes various other changes to the game.

In Getaway, resource collection is increased 50 percent, only rare weapons or higher can be found, and rifts, Rift-To-Gos and Launchpads have all been disabled. Getaways will be completed by reaching a van located on the map.

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Players also have the option to get the Ace outfit, Swag Bag back bling and 600 V-Bucks if they buy the Ace Pack.

V5.40 adds the new grappling hook (plunger?) weapon, which allows for pinpoint fast world-traversal over short distances.

The stakes are higher in Battle Royale and the Horde brings another challenge to Save the World. If you're interested in reading the full patch notes, you can do so here.

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