Trump high court nominee on track with Senate hearing in last day

Cristina Cross
September 8, 2018

He was the first administration official to testify in the Watergate hearings to Congress and was key in the investigation, as he admitted the president was directly linked with the Watergate cover-up.

By the time he released the documents, Republicans said they had, in fact, been cleared for release. In particular, Booker sought the release of a memo on racial profiling, one of thousands received by the committee, but labeled "Committee Confidential", which senators could review but not make public.

According to multiple outlets, Senator Booker asked Judge Kavanaugh to further explain his views on these subjects, but Kavanaugh refused to answer.

So Thursday Booker said he was making the memo public, despite the possible consequences.

"The fundamental problem in this case is that these DOT regulations use a lot of legalisms and disguises to mask what is a naked racial set-aside", Kavanaugh wrote in 2001, adding that he expected the court's conservative justices to "realize as much in short order and rule accordingly".

Booker was the reprimanded by other Senators for citing a confidential document that Kavanaugh was prevented from seeing, which caused Booker confusion as to the reason why.

As it turns out, what Booker described as his "Spartacus moment" was all just for show.

Republicans weren't amused. Texas Sen.

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The nominee is now attending day three of a four-day confirmation hearing in Washington. But if senators from either side of the aisle were aware of that at the outset of the hearing, they didn't let on.

Sen. Susan Collins of ME on Friday said that she remains undecided on whether she will vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

A judge on the D.C. Circuit Court for 12 years, Kavanaugh was nominated to that bench in 2003 by President George W. Bush but did not receive a confirmation vote for three years, when he was approved 57-36 by the Senate. While saying he didn't know everyone who worked at the Kasowitz firm, he added, "I don't recall any conversations of that kind", meaning conversations about Mueller's Russian Federation investigation.

"Justice Kennedy wrote the majority opinion saying the days of treating gay and lesbian Americans, or gay and lesbian couples, as second-class citizens inferior in dignity and worth are over in the Supreme Court", Kavanaugh said. "If you look at how much a part of our society Roe is you could argue it would be very hard to overturn", Collins said. During his time questioning the nominee, Leahy asked Kavanaugh about whether receiving emails about Democratic strategies marked "highly confidential" or "take no action on this" raised any "red flags".

Harris, meanwhile, even before she garnered attention on social media for her cross-examination of Kavanaugh Wednesday night, was already taking advantage of the desire of the Democratic base to try to block Kavanaugh.

The committee's hearings this week have been high on spectacle and, arguably, low on substance.

In written testimony released ahead of his appearance, Dean predicted that with Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, it will become "a weak check, at best, on presidential power".

The allegation is one of several from Democrats who say Kavanaugh has not been completely forthcoming during his confirmation hearings, both for the federal bench years ago and during this week's Supreme Court hearings.

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