Gillum Upsets Democratic Field In Florida Governor's Race

Pearl Mccarthy
August 29, 2018

Though Trump's approval rating in Florida is underwater - more negative than positive - he's more popular in the Sunshine State than he is nationwide.

DeSantis beat out Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, the preferred choice of more moderate, establishment Republicans, to secure the GOP nomination.

If elected in November, Gillum would be the first black governor of Florida, began his run as mayor of Tallahassee in 2014, and prides himself on his record of developing a thriving innovative economy, beating the gun lobby to protect reform and defending immigrants, according to his website.

Levine and Greene dumped huge amounts of their own money into Florida's advertising markets, attacking each other and Graham, the daughter of former Florida Sen.

Diversity may help win Democratic primaries in 2018, but it's unclear if it'll help Democrats pick up seats among a broader general election audience.

DeSantis entered the race a month after Trump's December tweeted that he would make "a GREAT governor".

In the Florida win, Dinkins saw an indication that another WFP-backed candidate, Cynthia Nixon, can upset New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in that state's September 13 Democratic primary.

Despite being vastly outspent by his rivals, the charismatic and unabashedly liberal Gillum built a devoted following of progressives, many of them young and African-American, with his campaign message of social justice and lifting up poor people and appealing to Florida's growing diversity. "Talking about Donald Trump, and reminding folks of how bad he is and how unqualified he is for the job that he holds, doesn't do anything to assure that they're able to make ends meet, it doesn't do anything to assure they get access to health care, a good education system, and 21st-century transportation, and a clean and good environment".

Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, had been endorsed by US Senator Bernie Sanders. Bill Nelson that is expected to be one of the nation's most competitive races.

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"I am not in favor in Florida, of doing recreational marijuana".

The Florida gubernatorial race is now pitting Bernie-style progressivism against Trump-era Republicanism on the ballot November 6.

The contests in both Florida and Arizona were being watched for signs of how the states might tilt in the 2020 presidential election.

Voting was also underway in Oklahoma, where two GOP candidates in a runoff race for governor have been battling over who is more supportive of Trump.

A CNN survey in June found that 67 percent of Democrats had a favorable opinion of McCain, while just 33 percent of Republicans did.

Martha McSally won the GOP nomination for Arizona Senate, but the results show how divided the party is and the challenge that lies ahead.

"You may notice I look a little different than my other friends up here on the stage", she said, adding that she's "a mom" and a "PTA president". Trump spared Arpaio a possible jail sentence a year ago by pardoning his federal conviction stemming from immigration patrols. She has already launched advertising aimed at her Democratic opponent in November, U.S. Representative Kyrsten Sinema, who easily won nomination. Sinema announced that she was pausing her campaign Wednesday and Thursday, when McCain's body will lie in Arizona's Capitol. He also ran for Senate in 2016 but dropped out when Republican Sen.

But the governor's race promises to steal even more headlines.

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