Apple’s 2018 iPhone might start at $699 and undercut Samsung

Judy Cobb
August 20, 2018

"It's debatable how usable it would be on the 5.8" model, but it could be nice to have on the 6.5" version.

TrendForce reports that the upcoming 6.1-inch LCD screen variant of the iPhone 9 could be priced at $699 (Rs. 48,859) in India. Both of these models will have OLED screen, there have also been videos that show off the new design for these phones, but their authenticity is still in question. Both OLED models should support it, but the Pencil, which is nearly 7 inches long, might feel a little weird to use with the iPhone.

So, this time around, you could potentially get a huge 6.5-inch screen for the same price as last year's 5.8-inch iPhone X. The iPhone X Plus will reportedly be the only phone in Apple's lineup to offer dual-SIM support, which would be a welcome feature for worldwide travelers. That pricing would be in line with the $699 Dollars 4.7-inch iPhone 8, which would be a pleasant surprise given the big expected jump in screen size.

At present, the Apple Pencil is available only for the iPad Pro.

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Apple iPhone is among the most anticipated flagship phones this year. Moreover, Apple will need to improve its cost structure to cope with the threats brought by Android brands.

With the production volume estimated by TrendForce at around 83~88 million units, the new iPhones to be released may take a larger share of the company's annual sales volume compared with the three models a year ago. On the other hand, the cost of this model has been approaching that of iPhone 8 Plus due to the upgrades. One is said to be an LCD model that will have a lower price than the other two.

While the first SE evoked the classic design of the iPhone 5, it is looking like the iPhone SE 2 will be more like a smaller version of the iPhone X. It may have a smaller notch on the top with a larger screen.

Apple will position the 6.1-inch LCD model as its main product this year, with a production share of around 50 percent in the new iPhone series. The affordable iPhone will lack some important features, but the device will still include support for wireless charging, 3GB of RAM, and dual-sim functionality.

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