Marvel's Kevin Feige Sides with Disney's Decision to Keep James Gunn Fired

Sergio Cunningham
August 17, 2018

And so the conversation will continue about whether bad years-old jokes should be enough to get someone fired amid a politically-loaded campaign against leftist public figures, and whether the timing of Disney's decision left something to be desired.

The trade reports Horn took a meeting with Gunn as a "courtesy to clear the air" after the director's reps at UTA pushed to get him a second chance.

Variety has the depressing news of Disney and Marvel's hard and upsetting decision.

The James Gunn situation is still being sorted out by Disney and Marvel, and the whole situation saddens one of the actors Gunn directed in the original Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the studio is reportedly still considering using the script that Gunn penned for the film, the absence of which is a deal breaker for co-star Dave Bautista. Although the outlet suggests the incoming director "will still need to put a polish on it", the news ties in with earlier reports that Vol. 3 will try to continue as planned with Gunn's story.

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Unfortunately, it looks as though the Marvel Studios President would not have been much help in the matter. The decision to fire Gunn wasn't made by Feige or anyone else at Marvel. Sources tell Variety that Feige "stands by the studio's decision", which again doesn't bode well for Gunn, but that's okay, seeing how he's apparently being courted by other studios. These dated back to 2010 and 2011 and Gunn published an apology online. The studio acted quickly to remove Gunn from directing the third installment, believing the comments were unacceptable in the Me Too era and were not in line with Disney's family-friendly image.

It was previously reported that Marvel was trying to convince Disney to potentially re-sign Gunn in the wake of the controversy.

"Though the meeting was described as civil and professional, sources say that Horn stood by his decision to not reinstate Gunn as director".

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