Fortnite New LTM: Soaring 50's, Plus Sniper Shootout Changes

Judy Cobb
August 17, 2018

Even though a player can preview outfits in the item shop with the respective Back Bling that may come with it, some users have requested that Epic Games adds a feature where they can preview Back Bling with one of their already-purchased skins.

In terms of updates to Save the World, Thora the new constructor mechanist has been added as a new playable hero. The former's name is self-explanatory, and snipers will be the only weapons dropped in that mode.

These large rounds deal increased damage (1050/1100) to buildings.

From great heights (more than 10 metres), the Soaring 50's LTM enables you to re-deploy your glider by presing the jump button, and additional Impulse Grenades, Bounce Pads, and Launch Pads are also spawned across the map.

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Find out how to install Fortnite on your Android phone. "Jump in and soar to new heights!" May the best aim win! The Heavy Sniper Rifle is slow to reload, but deals ridiculous damage to players and the environment.

Profile Stats (K/D & Wins) are tracked in this mode. You'll be able to grab the Heavy Sniper in Epic and Legendary variants, from floor loot, chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines. They tweaked the Minigun headshot multiplier as well, which now sits at 1.5 instead of 2.5.

Removed the Power Rating restrictions on Challenge the Horde missions.

From a bug fix and improvement perspective, version 5.21 across all platforms offers fixes for modifier issues on certain Horde missions as well as a visual fix put in place to resolve an issue that would cause a Rocket Launcher to take up most of the screen. Notably, Fortnite is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and select Android handsets.

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