Sony's Marvel Cinematic Universe Has an Official Name

Sergio Cunningham
August 11, 2018

The image also gives us a good look at the white, veiny accents on Venom's body, which will serve as a stand-in of sorts for the traditional white spider symbol from the comics.

In addition, Sony has officially scrapped the female driven Silver & Black film that was supposed to feature the Black Cat, a thief, and Sliver Sable, a ruthless mercenary. Part of the reason is that the studios joined forces on Spider-Man: "Homecoming, with Marvel coming on board as a producer", Variety notes. With 900 characters in the stable, calling the franchise a "Spider-Man Universe" is somewhat limiting.

With the the highly anticipated comic book film, Venom, set to release fairly soon, Sony is gearing up for their own Sony's Marvel Universe.

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But the million dollar question still remains: will Sony's Marvel movies connect with the MCU?

Sony is dipping into its Spider-Man-related Marvel Comics properties and throwing everything at the screen, with movies reportedly in development based on the characters Silk and Jackpot. If Venom is kept at PG-13, the studio believes there will be greater leeway in having characters cross over within the films. The previously mentioned Morbius the Living Vampire already has Daniel "Safe House" Espinosa directing Jared Leto as the main character, while Richard Wenk (The Equalizer 1 & 2, The Magnificent Seven) has been tapped to pen the screenplay for a solo Kraven the Hunter movie. Adding a larger Marvel Universe spin to it raises the profile of the franchise significantly - as well as the inevitable confusion amongst casual moviegoers, who won't get all the particulars of why certain characters can't crossover, etc. ". Any "Spider-Man" movie will carry a PG-13 rating because the wall-crawler is more family friendly, and if "Venom" is too dark and gory, it might preclude other film match-ups, not just with Peter Parker's alter-ego, but also with other members of the extended Marvel Cinematic Universe". They are extending that relationship with Spider-Man sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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