China Will Continue Trade With Iran, Despite US Threats

Roman Schwartz
August 9, 2018

Also on Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said it was hard to imagine new talks with the USA with its erratic decision-making.

"If the Americans want to keep this simplistic and impossible idea in their minds they should also know its consequences".

Companies doing business with Iran will be barred from the United States, Mr Trump said on Tuesday.

On May 8, Trump withdrew unilaterally the USA from the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and ordered restoration of sanctions against Iran.

While Votel said the scope of the recent Iranian maritime exercise was similar to that of other exercises done in the region, its timing gave it added significance.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani - who insists that its nuclear programme is entirely peaceful - has accused Mr Trump of waging "psychological warfare", and ruled out face-to-face talks with him while the sanctions remain in place.

"It's pretty clear to us that they were trying to use that exercise to send a message to us that, as we approach the period for the sanctions here, they had some capabilities", said Votel.

An Iranian naval exercise involving at least 100 small boats in and around the Strait of Hormuz last week was meant as a message to the USA for re-imposing economic sanctions on Tehran, the top United States commander in the Middle East said. Even stronger sanctions targeting Iran's oil sector and central bank are to be re-imposed in early November.

Iran's currency has lost around half its value since Trump announced the United States would withdraw from the nuclear pact, but has surged since Sunday, following the arrest of the central bank's currency chief and new plans being announced.

Iran routinely operates small boats in the Strait of Hormuz and the surrounding area, and has often threatened to shut down the busy waterway. "I am asking for world peace, nothing less".

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Later, Mr Zarif responded on Twitter by writing: "Tantrums & CAPPED TWEETS won't change the fact that the world is sick & exhausted of U.S. unilateralism".

"Stopping U.S. trade and killing 100K is fine with us, but the world won't follow impulsive tweeted diktats".

Despite the political will to hold firm, many large European firms such as German automaker Daimler are leaving Iran for fear of U.S. penalties.

"Tantrums & CAPPED TWEETS won't change the fact that the world is sick & exhausted of USA unilateralism", Zarif tweeted.

While some nations are backing away from Iran amid USA threats to sanction anyone who continues to do business with them, Chinese officials are reiterating that they will continue to do business with Iran.

The US has demanded Kim Jong-un relinquish his nuclear weapons before sanctions are lifted.

Ri was also quoted as describing the sanctions against Iran as "inappropriate and contrary to worldwide standards".

"As a result of these measures, the USA has been isolated".

Trump decided this year to pull out of the agreement, ignoring pleas from the other world powers that had co-sponsored the deal, including Washington's main European allies, Britain, France and Germany, as well as Russian Federation and China.

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