Valve's Dota 2 card game Artifact debuts this November

Judy Cobb
August 3, 2018

Now, Artifact is ready for the public, and has a final release date.

Initially announced in 2017 during The International tournament, the card game is themed around Valve's massively popular MOBA Dota 2, featuring its heroes as well as the lanes and towers aspects from the title.

Artifact has officially been confirmed to release for Steam on November 28th, 2018 across PC, Mac, and Linux, with the game's price set at $19.99 on all platforms; a release for mobile is also expected sometime next year. Your $20 purchase will get you a total of 228 cards, though, naturally, they won't all be unique.

A round of Artifact takes place across three separate boards, adding another layer of strategy.

Esports fans will have the chance to play the game prior to the release date at PAX East between August 31 - September 3.

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As someone who's not particularly into card games, I think the most interesting part of Artifact will be its economy and all that entails.

If you've missed the hype, the TLDR is that Valve has been hard at work on its first entry into the card game genre, showing it off to journalists back in March.

Valve has detailed what your $20 will get you when Artifact launches.

280 cards will be available at launch. Either way though, it is nice to see that progress is finally made, it has certainly been a while since Valve last shipped a full game.

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