Longest lunar eclipse: Mars coming closest ever to Earth in 15 years

Cristina Cross
July 28, 2018

Unlike solar eclipse that can only be seen on the limited territory.

The lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes into Earth's shadow. "The rim of the earth would be glowing because light is being scattered by the earth's atmosphere". It will signal the opposite of the well-known "supermoon" - a relatively tiny-looking moon called a "micromoon".

In Oman, the partial eclipse will begin around 10.24pm, while total eclipse is expected to begin at 11.30pm.

The moon travels to a similar position every month, but the tilt of its orbit means it normally passes above or below the Earth's shadow.

- In Dunedin the interval is reduced to four minutes; in Christchurch, three minutes.

"When you first spot Mars rising in the east after sunset, you'll be startled by how bright it looks", Diana Hannikainen, Sky & Telescope's observing editor, said in a statement.

Its colour will be somewhere between dark brown and blood red. This will make the moon appear smaller than regular, and much smaller than it looks during the Super Moon (when the moon is at the closest point in its orbit from the Earth). Some light, though, will still reach the moon because it is bent by the earth's atmosphere.

A majority of Earth is in for an astronomical treat on Friday: the longest total lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon, in a century.

For people in the United Kingdom, the "blood moon" will rise in the south-eastern sky already immersed completely in the Earth's shadow.

The matter could be settled with a future exploration mission to the moon, aiming to retrieve soil samples from deposits dating back to the two periods in order to analyze their water content and see if they hold the building blocks of life, note Schulze-Makuch and Crawford.

The moo
Artistic representation of the Moon at the beginning of its evolution

The higher you can get, the better.

North America will be out of luck, though, since the moon will be below the horizon.

Unfortunately, MetService is predicting Saturday will bring showers or rain in the west and south of the country, heavy for a time over the South Island. A spring-like westerly flow is forecast to persist over the country for the next few days. The first lunar eclipse, a "super blood moon" occurred on January 31.

"They're in opposite parts of the sky".

Billions of years ago, there could have been good amounts of liquid water on the surface, the new study says.

"It really isn't anything spectacular".

Earlier it was reported that NASA showed a colourful picture of the moon taken from the ISS an astronaut stationed there.

Skywatchers in the USA, however, will not be able to enjoy the rare event, unless they are willing to travel. "What more could you want?"

Head media and corporate communications of the Agency, Dr. Felix Ale, told The Guardian: "The Eclipse in Nigeria will start around 6:44pm as partial eclipse and developed into a total eclipse around 7:30pm". I've never been at the right place at the right time.

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