Roseanne Barr says her controversial tweet was a 'misunderstanding'

Sergio Cunningham
July 27, 2018

In her first in her first televised interview since ABC fired her in May, Roseanne Barr continued to insist, sometimes tearfully, that her controversial tweet about former Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett was not racist. "We just have a different opinion".

She said she was stunned by the negative reaction to the tweet, which Hannity noted was almost universal.

Barr again said she didn't know Jarrett was an African American, adding that it wasn't widely known.

Barr said that while she could've legally fought the firing, she felt leaving the show was part of her "recompense", and that she signed off on her staff joining ABC's spin-off, "The Conners". They were appearing at that venue because Donny, the owner, had offered them the studio in which they had recorded the four podcasts since Barr's fateful tweet.

At one point in the interview Boteach asks: 'But you recognize you wronged her?'

She insisted she is not racist.

"Roseanne" returned to ABC in March, two decades after it ended its first run from 1988 to 1997. "And I also said, 'I'm willing to go on The View, Jimmy Kimmel, or whatever other show you want me to go on and explain that to my audience'".

"I'm not a racist and the people who voted for Trump, they're not racist either, and Trump isn't a racist, sorry", she said.

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The comedy club that hosted the event has previously hosted Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter and Gavin McInnes.

"I just have to say this", Barr said.

'That's why I'm allowing this podcast.

Barr was sacked by ABC in May after comparing former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and a "Planet of the Apes" actor.

Jarrett was born in Iran to American parents and lived in Shiraz for six years. After bragging that the Roseanne reboot "kicked everybody's ass in the ratings" and that ABC "should be so lucky that they'll ever get anywhere near that", she also stated, "They can't take that away from me, no matter what's happened".

Yet as her all-over-the-map appearance on Fox News' "Hannity" Thursday night demonstrated, when it comes to giving a studio and/or network cause to second-guess employing talent, Barr might be in a class by herself - making the "whataboutism" in using her as a basis for comparison problematic, and the search for consistent standards even more elusive.

The television star followed-up with an apology to Jarrett and "all Americans. for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks". Barr said it upset her to think how the accusations affected minority members of her family.

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