Cairo zoo tries to pass off donkey as zebra by painting stripes

Leroy Wright
July 27, 2018

This is not the first time a zoo has painted donkeys to resemble zebras.

Egyptian student Mahmoud Sarhan exposed the alleged masquerade in a Facebook photo, in which he is seen posing next to one of the offending animals at Cairo's International Garden park.

A zookeeper has allegedly painted black stripes onto donkeys to make them look like zebras.

Oh yes, and their stripes are not smudged - unlike the creatures in Cairo. We note with some amusement, however, that a conveniently placed Google street view from 2017 exists of the exact location from which Sarhan posted the now-viral picture. He said there were two similarly-marked animals in the enclosure.

A closer look confirmed these suspicions while highlighting the fact it was clearly a donkey that had been painted to appear as a zebra.

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For starters, their ears were bigger and their snouts were lighter than those of the typical zebra.

In 2009, a zoo in Gaza did the same thing, saying that it could not procure real zebras due to an Israeli blockade.

"When a visitor went to the cage of the "lion" at the zoo in Louhe, a city in Henan, they heard a loud bark", says the Mail.

But despite overwhelming evidence, Mohamed Sultan, the director of International Gardens Park, has denied it is an imposter.

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