Fortnite celebrates its first birthday with rewards for players

Judy Cobb
July 21, 2018

In May 2018 alone, Fortnite generated more than $318 million in revenue.

Make room, Marvel and Star Wars and many more. Micro-transactions that power the Battle Pass and Fortnite seasons keep gamers spending money.

The Battle Royale Mode has to match up 100 players to duke it out.

The most expensive character outfits - called "skins" in the gaming world - go for 2,000 V-bucks, or $20.

Starting next week on July 24, Fortnite will be receiving a new limited time in-game event that will allow players to receive birthday themed rewards by completing quests and challenges.

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Fortnite's first birthday party will run until August 7. As the news release puts it, this ultimately led to the CPU holding "a backlog of pending requests resulting in a feedback loop" which meant Epic Games had no choice but to close the Playground for repairs.

The game, which pits 100 players in a fight to the death, known as a "battle royale", has attracted both experienced gamers and novices to the point where the game has become almost ubiquitous - with in-game victory dances turning up in real life, including at the World Cup final.

The "Battle Royale" mode has now become vastly more popular than the original game - so much so that it is widely referred to with the full game's shorter title - thanks in large part to attention from celebrities and a large group of prominent video game streamers, like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who play the game on live streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming for millions of fans to watch.

Battle Royale games are expected to make at least $2 billion in revenue in 2018 - about seven times the amount they made a year ago.

The number-crunchers over at SuperData are reporting that the global craze that is Epic Games' Fortnite has absolutely raked in the gold with its in-game purchases, with estimates popping the $1 billion dollar mark. Score some sweet, sweet birthday exclusive in-game swag and join in on the celebration, because Epic Games wants the players to enjoy this joyous occasion right alongside the developer team.

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