Google Phone app update for Android will prevent spam calls

Judy Cobb
July 18, 2018

The user might need to send the information about their calls to Google in order to take the advantage of the new feature. Now, the app's support page has been updated to reflect the new changes, which apparently have already been activated on many devices. Then you'll see the "Filter suspected spam calls" option and you'll have to turn that on as well.

In short, a user would not be notified about the spam calls arrived on his/her devices.

A user can disable the feature by opening the Phone app go into settings, then caller ID and spam and then select "off". Turn on both "Caller ID & Spam" (which warns you of incoming spam calls with a bright red screen) and "Filter suspected spam calls". Although third-party applications have existed on the App Store for preventing and blocking spam calls, there has been no guarantee about their efficiency of detecting these calls. Caller ID and spam protection is on by default, but users can choose to turn it off.

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The new feature is found as the second item in the Caller ID & spam menu. To do so, users should enter the Phone app and check their recent calls for the spam caller.

The Google Phone spam filter, however, may not be able to catch all unwanted calls. Go to the Block / report spam option and you'll be asked if you want to report it and block it. Otherwise, you can just tap Block here, which is what I've been doing to good ol' Ann when she calls to kick her straight to voicemail. "You can now block numbers to prevent unwanted calls".

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