Thailand cave rescue: First pics of boys in hospital

Heather Diaz
July 13, 2018

To swim through the flooded tunnels, which could get as narrow as 15 inches, one diver held the front end of the stretcher, along with the boy's oxygen tank, while another held the rear end of the stretcher.

He said the lack of citizenship means that stateless persons are denied access to many fundamental rights such as travelling overseas, getting higher education or employment in some careers, so they do not have many opportunities to improve their lives.

Dr Richard Harris, an Australian doctor who stayed with the boys in the cave in their final days there, was told shortly after the mission that his father had died.

Parents of a boy who was trapped in the Tham Luang cave system in Thailand have given thanks to God following his rescue.

The Thai government had requested US assistance. We are so happy to hear that our son is out of the cave and to welcome him home. Relatively mild weather and a massive effort to pump out water created a window of opportunity.

The exact mechanics of the rescue bid were closely guarded during the operation, but details have since dribbled out. Falling oxygen levels, risk of sickness and the imminent prospect of more rain flooding the cave complex for months meant "the long-term survivability of the boys in the cave was becoming a less and less feasible option", Anderson said.

The last group of the 12-member "Wild Boars" soccer team and their coach was brought out of the Tham Luang cave, near the border with Myanmar, on Tuesday night, safely ending a unsafe rescue and evoking global relief and joy.

It was the sudden onset of that rainy season that trapped the boys deep underground while they were exploring.

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"The recovery process should take around 30 days after they are discharged", he added.

Each boy was strapped to a diver, who shepherded him to the surface, stopping in dry areas along the way, where the boys were carried on stretchers.

Like the Chilean rescue, the Thai drama showcases real-life courage in the face of harrowing circumstances, said Mike Medavoy, the Oscar-nominated producer of "The 33". Anderson said the so-called positive pressure diving masks used by the boys were "crucial".

Then on July 10, the remaining four boys and their coach were brought out of the cave. Those who arrived first have managed to eat solid foods like rice congee and been able to take off the sunglasses they were wearing to help them adjust to more than two weeks of darkness.

They were lost for nine days before British rescue divers discovered them on July 2, sitting on a ledge in a half-flooded chamber. Even as conditions improved, and divers began laying life-saving rope guidelines through the cave, it was perilous. "You can't blame the coach and you can't blame the kids", Thongchai said. "But they were very cold". In caverns with air pockets they were "floated" through with the support of four rescuers.

Thailand's junta leader Prayut Chan-O-Cha on Tuesday said the boys were given a "minor tranquiliser" to keep them calm. They wave to the camera, give the peace sign and press their hands together in prayer to show gratitude.

'I think he helped the children a lot, being a novice monk for 10 years, ' said Charoenpol.

"We were extremely fortunate that the outcome was the way it was".

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