North Korea: Mike Pompeo rejects 'gangster-like' accusation

Leroy Wright
July 10, 2018

"The issues the US side insisted on during the talks were the same cancerous ones that the past USA administrations had insisted on", the North Korea's foreign ministry said.

"China, on the other hand, may be exerting negative pressure on a deal because of our posture on Chinese Trade - Hope Not!", Trump said.

Despite Mr Trump's confidence that Mr Kim is committed to giving up nuclear weapons, the reconciliation process between the U.S. and North Korea was thrown into crisis on Sunday when Pyongyang angrily rejected Washington's "unilateral and gangster-like" demand for rapid nuclear disarmament. They buy $100 billion from us.

Skepticism has grown over how and whether North Korea will dismantle its nuclear weapons program amid USA media reports that the country has continued to develop nuclear facilities.

"If those requests were gangster-like, the world is a gangster", says US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, noting that numerous UNSC resolutions have demanded the North rid itself of nuclear weapons and end its ballistic missile programme.

"It would be the shortest path towards realization of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula to. boldly break away from the failure-ridden methods of the past, push for whole new approaches and seek to resolve problems one by one based on trust and in a phased and synchronous principle", he said.

In practical terms, Pompeo mentioned only that officials from both sides would meet on July 12 to discuss the repatriation of the remains of some U.S. soldiers killed during the 1950-1953 Korean War.

"We were also thinking about providing reciprocal measures", an unnamed spokesperson of North Korea's foreign ministry said in a statement published by the official Korean Central News Agency.

The statement included a personal appeal to the USA president: "We still cherish our good faith in President Trump", it said.

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Pompeo, who didn't even meet with Kim Jong-un, was firmly rebuked for the administration's demands that North Korea unilaterally denuclearize.

A Pentagon team would be meeting with North Korean officials around 12 July at the border between North and South Korea to discuss the repatriation of remains, Mr Pompeo told reporters.

According to Graham, China is using the north to force the United States to negotiate on trade. "China understands this. The US is looking increasingly isolated".

Analysts said that North Korea's statement was not unexpected but that there may indeed be a long way to go in U.S.

The regime's belief that the weapons are needed to deter a U.S. attack dates back almost 70 years to the still-unresolved Korean War, and will take more than a handshake to dispel.

In criticizing the talks with Pompeo, however, it carefully avoided attacking Trump personally, saying "we wholly maintain our trust toward President Trump, ' but stressed that Washington must not allow 'headwinds" against the 'wills of the leaders'.

"The establishment of peaceful relations between the countries, increased security assurances to North Korea and its people, and finally, denuclearization", Pompeo said.

Robert Gallucci, formerly a United States ambassador-at-large and chief USA negotiator with North Korea in 1994, agreed that expectations for peace after the Singapore summit were overblown.

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