Joe Russo and Josh Brolin troll Thanos fan subreddit

Sergio Cunningham
July 10, 2018

And the fun continues today.

The ThanosDidNothingWrong subreddit has been dedicated to supporting (usually through memes) Thanos' quest ever since Infinity War released, but now they're ratcheting things up a notch by banning half their users in the pursuit of "perfect balance".

On July 9, the mods of the subreddit randomly selected half of the subscribers to ban after receiving permission from Reddit admins.

The number of casualties could be even greater as the more subscribers join.

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Now, even Josh Brolin, the actor behind Thanos, has chimed in with his support by snapping his fingers at Reddit. On July 5 the subreddit was at 360,000 subscribers. The subreddit dedicated to him has grown exponentially since the idea to ban half its subscribers began to pick up steam, with the current count sitting at almost 465,000.

Joe Russo took to the forum Sunday afternoon to post a video of Brolin laying down shirtless delivering the snap that would wipe out half the followers. Now, user The-Jedi-Apprentice has created a post detailing how banned users can come back from the "finger snap". Playing off of the popular fan theories for Avengers 4, the Soul World and Soul Stone are new subreddits where everybody who was banned can go and discuss getting turned to dust. Let's hope he doesn't take it too hard, who knows what it could mean for the production of Avengers 4. Now, it seems Reddit users have found inspiration in his thinking, and are on the cusp of their own purge.

The idea is to randomize the entire process, but extra work will be needed in order to pull off the joke, as they are looking into bots to make the mass-banning possible. While we wait, you can see Josh Brolin's recreation below, provided by The Russo Brothers' Twitter account.

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