Immigrants serving in the U.S. Army are abruptly discharged

Leroy Wright
July 8, 2018

Immigrants who are enlisted in the U.S. Army with the promise of a path to citizenship are being discharged. Others say the Army told them they'd been labeled as security risks because they have relatives overseas or because their background checks were pending.

According to Margaret Stock, an immigration attorney and retired Army Reserve lieutenant colonel who helped create the immigrant recruitment program, the discharged recruits have all signed enlistment contracts and taken an Army oath. She says it's unfair for the Army to discharge a soldier and not allow them to challenge the decision, and that immigrants to the US have a long and storied history in the armed forces.

Other veterans like World War II Navy man George Rufolo questions why the army would accept the immigrants if they are just going to "throw them out". He told NPR, "I'm pretty sure the Chinese government knows what I did, and that they know my name".

An Iranian immigrant who traveled to the pursue a graduate degree in engineering enlisted in the program to receive medical training. "On the contrast, I'm a national merit because people like me with higher education and critical skills, we want to serve this great U.S. Army. The same week we celebrate the 4th of July that honors America's Declaration of Independence and the freedoms that so many have died to uphold, the Trump administration is aiming to strip citizenship from Americans, who pledge allegiance to the flag, and discharge from the military those who are prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country", said Pili Tobar, managing Director of America's Voice.

MAVNI came under attack from conservatives when President Obama made DACA recipients eligible, so the military added additional security clearances for recruits. However, hundreds of MAVNI recruits who were still in the process of joining the military at that time were to be "grandfathered in" if they passed appropriate security checks, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Air Force Maj.

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Republican Congressman Andy Harris of Maryland, who has supported legislation to limit the program, told the AP that MAVNI was established by executive order and never properly authorized by Congress.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, almost 110,000 members of the Armed Forces have gained citizenship by serving in the USA military, according to the Defense Department. Donate or give monthly. His lawsuit claims that the army violated its own regulations by not giving him the chance to defend himself.

With grave concern over the administration's treatment of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers already abundant, new attacks on naturalized citizens and those who have been promised future pathways to citizenship are drawing increasing levels of alarm.

"Some of our clients have finally emerged through the system and at least are doing basic training", said Donald Friedman, a Washington attorney with Perkins Coie.

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