Commuters in Boston physically moved a train to rescue a trapped woman

Leroy Wright
July 8, 2018

"She was clearly stuck between the train and the platform".

According to the reporter, Maria Cramer, the woman's ambulance ride cost her roughly $1,200, still a hefty fee for anyone.

According to Ms Cramer, the woman sobbed as she begged witnesses not to fetch emergency services.

'Do you know how much an ambulance costs?' she wept, while explaining it would cost a few thousand dollars.

This bad event has faced Maria Kramer (Maria Cramer), a reporter from the Boston Globe.

In scenes reminiscent of Australia's 2014 viral Perth train station rescue video, CCTV footage from the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority Transit Police Department showed groups of people pushing on the train to free the woman, while others assisted with first aid once she had been pulled from the gap.

A female passenger leaving a train slipped while stepping over the five-inch gap, wedging her leg between the train and the platform edge.

"It's $3000 ($A4060). I can't afford that".

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According to the police, the accident occurred as the woman was getting off the train. It was twisted and bloody. "Skin came off. She's in agony and weeping", Boston Globe reporter Maria Cramer tweeted from the scene.

A police report said the severe laceration on the woman's leg left her bone exposed.

Ms Cramer wrote that many readers had suggested the woman should have called an Uber instead of an ambulance to transport her to hospital in a bid to slash her expenses - a practice that's growing in popularity in the U.S., where average ambulance fees can range from $300 to almost $3000. They succeeded in freeing the woman after a dozen of them managed to move the train enough for her leg to escape.

The incident has since gone viral, for reasons that tell two different stories about America in 2018.

The story has touched a nerve in the U.S., where soaring medical costs and the plight of the uninsured and underinsured are two of the most pressing topics on the nation's political agenda.

Cramer later reported an ambulance ride for a person with her injuries costs about $1,200.

"The trade-offs that everyday people are being asked to make, the calculations they are being forced to undertake in the scariest of situations, suggest that far too many of America's politicians have placed too little value on the well-being of its citizens", theTimes continued.

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