British Prime Minister To Discuss Brexit Plan With Cabinet This Week

Leroy Wright
July 6, 2018

He added: "I will be setting out for my colleagues, in the privacy of our cabinet discussions on Friday, the Treasury. assessment of the implications of different potential routes forward".

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker today said the EU stood firmly with Ireland in Brexit talks, just ahead of a crunch United Kingdom cabinet meeting which he said the bloc will follow closely.

May will gather her fractious cabinet on Friday to try to hammer out a plan for customs and trade ties.

"I don't think so, no", Gove told the BBC in an interview when asked if any ministers will be resigning. We have convened all across the United Kingdom to ensure that every business community's Brexit concerns can be heard by elected representatives and officials.

He said: "Flouncing out, just when the going gets tough but when the EU Withdrawal Act has been successfully enacted, will look like evading responsibility for choices that were inevitable just when important progress has been made". Pro-Brexit Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is reported to have dismissed business concerns with a four-letter expletive.

A major British business group warned Tuesday that companies need answers over The United Kingdom's post-Brexit relations with the European Union, as UK Prime Minister Theresa May tried to unite her feuding government around a common vision for future trade with the bloc.

"If ardent Brexiteers push too hard, they will end up without their main objective". Unite boss Len McCluskey claimed the government's handling of talks had turned Brexit into a "nightmare".

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Rees-Mogg, tipped as a potential Tory leader, warned the Prime Minister that backsliding on her promise to leave the single market and customs union would divide Conservatives like Sir Robert Peel, who plunged the party into the political wilderness for almost three decades over the Corn Laws.

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But it will also take place under the cloud of special counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing probe into potential links between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin during the 2016 vote.

Despite the principle of Cabinet collective responsibility, Johnson, who was the figurehead of the Leave referendum campaign, appeared more sympathetic to the backbencher than the Prime Minister.

Mark Rutte has urged his British counterpart Theresa May to provide more clarity on Brexit with less than nine months to go until the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Former Conservative leader William Hague backed May's message, calling on ministers to come to an agreement rather than quitting which, he said, "will show they were not fit to hold their office in the first place".

"I have great confidence in the Prime Minister".

A Government spokesman said ministers remain confident of securing a good deal with the European Union, ensuring trade would remain "as free and frictionless as possible".

"We should be offering the European Union reciprocal free trade with zero tariffs, and if they won't accept that then we go to World Trade (organisation) arrangements which tiny little countries like the United States, China, India struggle to trade under", he said on BBC's Daily Politics.

To state the blindingly obvious, they should be listened to carefully and with respect.

So far, May's advisers have come up with two options, neither of which have the full support of her party.

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