Sony Accidentally Uploads Entire Film to YouTube Instead of Red-Band Trailer

Sergio Cunningham
July 5, 2018

Earlier today, 2017 picture Khali the Killer was shared on Sony Pictures Entertainment's official YouTube page, before being taken down. Did they just have the trailer and the full movie in the same folder?

In an attempt to upload a trailer for its upcoming DVD and digital download release of the movie "Khali the Killer", someone at Sony apparently uploaded the entire 89-minute film to YouTube on Tuesday, according to CBR.

Comic Book Resources was one of the first to recognize the mistake, which was reportedly rectified approximately eight hours after the fact. For example, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice would have been a much more enjoyable watch if the trailer didn't give away the inclusion of Doomsday.

It stars Richard Cabral, Ryan Dorsey, Clayton Cardenas and Corina Calderon.

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The film is about a retiring hitman who takes on one last job to help support his ailing grandmother's end of life care.

However, he previously cold-hearted killer starts to develop empathy for the targets of his final hit, and he is forced into making the hardest decision of his life.

According to the Independent, some people believe that the upload was intended as a marketing ploy and the MailOnline reported that the grisly flick is thought to be opening in a few U.S. theatres in August.

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