Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she was asked to leave restaurant

Leroy Wright
June 24, 2018

Since Sanders' Tweet, the Red Hen in Lexington, the one she is referring to, has also been hit with negative social media reviews.

Several Red Hen employees are gay, she said.

CNN has reached out to the owner of the restaurant for comment.

It's not clear if this trend of people confronting Trump officials in public will continue, but considering the high profile nature of these few incidents, as well as the ongoing fury over the family separations and the unknown number of missing migrant children, it seems possible.

Between the fury and fawning of 2000 people who nearly certainly had not eaten at the restaurant, the Red Hen's Yelp reviews nearly instantly averaged out to two-and-a-half stars.

"Sarah, I know you don't care even a tiny little bit about the ethics rules, but using your official account for this is a clear violation of 5 CFR 2635.702 (a)", Shaub tweeted Saturday, referencing the law that states government employees can not use public office for private gain.

On Yelp, a reviewer of the restaurant wrote: "Don't eat here if you're a Republican, wearing a MAGA hat or a patriot".

Some people called Wilkinson "petty" and said that her actions demonstrated intolerance for different points of view.

But she thinks the restaurant owner was right-and that people like Huckabee Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen should face consequences.

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"They had cheese boards in front of them", Wilkinson said.

In an act of solidarity, scorned conservatives flocked to the Red Hen's Yelp page to leave scathing reviews.

Sanders' Twitter post clearly aligns with Foley-Schultz's original post.

Trump's policy reversal has sent federal officials scrambling to accommodate families arrested at the border and held before their cases are heard by immigration officials.

Celebrities were outraged by Sanders' tweet and shared an array of reactions.

Nielsen left the dinner early.

She didn't know what the reception would be like among her neighbours. The others at her table had been welcome to stay, Wilkinson said. "This is not going to be a giant surprise to anyone".

Another poster drew a comparison between the Red Hen owner's actions and the recent Supreme Court decision that a Colorado baker shouldn't be forced to make cakes for same-sex weddings he disapproves of on religious grounds. "This appeared to be one".

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