MoviePass will charge an extra $2 for popular movies starting in July

Roman Schwartz
June 24, 2018

They can even see all three movies on the same day, with a two-hour buffer in between each showtime.

Popular movie subscription app MoviePass is set to make some major changes this summer.

The virtuous trolling of AMC is rubbing some subscribers the wrong way, though, in the wake of reports that MoviePass is adding what CEO Mitch Lowe calls "high-demand" pricing for very popular movies. According to Lowe, "At certain times for certain films-on opening weekend-there could be an additional charge for films". But at first glance, when you hear $10 versus $20 and 30 movies versus 12, that could certainly sway people toward MoviePass more than AMC. AMC Stubs A-List can be used at the spur of the moment or also can make planning ahead days or weeks in advance possible, as securing tickets is made easy via reservations capabilities on the web site, or on the AMC Theatres smartphone app. Later, an AMC spokesperson confirmed that the chain will continue to accept tickets obtained through MoviePass, which uses a kind of credit card system and pays its exhibitors - which are most theaters in the country - it hasn't cut deals with the full price of each ticket subscribers use. The latter company limits its subscribers to see one 2D movie a day and each unique movie can only be viewed one time. That's less than MoviePass' one movie per day. Cardholders will finally be able to purchase tickets to 3D or IMAX movies for an additional charge-between $2 and $6, according to Lowe. And they can see individual movies they have previously seen.

The surge pricing will start in July, and users can expect to see bring-a-friend and IMAX/3D options around August.

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On Wednesday, AMC Theatres amped up the movie subscription rivalry it has with MoviePass by announcing AMC Stubs A-List, a $20-a-month service that lets you see three movies per week.

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said he was anxious AMC's negative stance would hurt how people see MoviePass, the Deseret News reported.

The company followed up with, "AMC has repeatedly disparaged our model as a way to discourage our growth because all along they wanted to launch their own, more expensive plan".

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