Macron proposes migrant centers in Europe to assess cases

Leroy Wright
June 24, 2018

"The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition", he tweeted Monday.

After her meeting with King Abdullah, Merkel is slated to meet German military personnel who are now stationed in Jordan as part of a USA -led coalition tasked with fighting the Daesh terrorist group.

The chancellor said Germany will provide the $100 million loan in addition to bilateral aid which amounts to about 384 million euros ($442 million) this year.

But she has since offered a key concession in backing Macron's call for such a fund, even though she has said that the total sum should be in the low tens of billions range - far less than what Paris had hoped for.

"We are opening a new chapter", she said.

Spanish authorities said they had rescued almost 600 migrants trying to make the perilous crossing from Africa, while off the coast of Libya coastguards recovered bodies of five migrants and picked up 210 survivors, the coastguard said.

If Seehofer makes good on his threat, Merkel could be forced to sack him, thereby triggering the collapse of her coalition.

Her coalition partner, the Christian Social Union (CSU) from the southern Gerrman state of Bavaria, has said it would bar from Germany all asylum-seekers registered in other EU states unless a summit of all EU leaders on June 28-29 agrees a bloc-wide deal to share them out evenly.

CSU leader Horst Seehofer criticized Merkel for not briefing the CSU ahead of the agreement with Macron.

Trump's intrusive comments have poured fuel on the fire as hardliners in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc gave her an ultimatum to tighten asylum rules or risk a political crisis that would rattle Europe.

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Separately, she expressed concern about a decree issued by Syrian President Bashar Assad which would require Syrian residents to register to prove and reclaim properties.

"If this decree is implemented, it's very bad news for all those who are now outside the country", she said, referring to refugees, among them hundreds of thousands in Germany.

"The overwhelming majority of the German population supports this idea and this concept, and that's why we want to provide support today (yesterday) for implementing it", he said.

More than 6 million Syrians have fled their homeland since the civil war erupted in 2011. Hundreds of thousands migrated onward to Europe, embarking on risky sea routes at the mercy of smugglers.

Italy's defence minister Elisabetta Trenta later said that the new stance did not mean Italy would shirk on its worldwide commitments.

"The stability of the currency and the question of refugee policy are two different things", Soeder said.

Merkel and Macron hailed a "new chapter" for the euro zone after talks at the Meseberg retreat outside Berlin on Tuesday where they praised the budget as a tool to strengthen economic competitiveness in the currency union. The program, meant to create jobs for 200,000 Syrian refugees, has had partial success.

Merkel came to Lebanon from Jordan.

Merkel said the mission has been successful, but isn't finished because there's "still space for retreat", apparently referring to escape routes for IS fighters.

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