North Korea to return war dead remains to United States 'very soon'

Leroy Wright
June 21, 2018

Wi Sung-rak, a former Korean Ambassador to Russian Federation, said Pak's visit was evidence North Korea was building up its momentum for economic development. It follows his Singapore summit, where Kim and Trump reaffirmed a commitment to work towards complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un and Chinese President Xi Jinping came to an understanding on issues discussed at a summit of the two leaders, including denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, the North's state media said on Wednesday.

Multiple reports suggest that the preparing to receive the remains of the fallen soldiers, who died in the conflict on the Korean Peninsula over 70 years ago.

Following the June 12 summit in Singapore, Trump stunned US lawmakers, allies and Pentagon officials with plans to halt military exercises with USA ally South Korea and by Tuesday officially announced the cancellation of the exercises slated for August. The U.S. says China is in agreement on that point, although Chinese officials say sanctions should not be an end in themselves.

Xi termed the results of the summit a "positive outcome".

Kim left for Pyongyang later in the day after making his third visit to China this year, according to China's official Xinhua News Agency, underscoring the major improvement in relations between the communist neighbors.

That could allow the lifting of U.N. Security Council economic sanctions that have hamstrung North Korea's foreign trade, although the USA insists those measures can only be eased after the North shows it has ended its nuclear programs.

On the Chinese border, people are already starting to speculate on real estate, betting that North Korea's integration into the global economy is at hand.

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The ceremony's timing remained uncertain, though, as did the precise number of remains, their identities and even whether they were Americans or from allied nations.

The denuclearization is expected to take years, with United States officials saying they expect "major progress" in the next two and a half years.

But others argue that the Trump administration's hard line on China might be damaging for Pyongyang because the tariffs could trigger a shrinkage of the Chinese steel industry and reduce Beijing's appetite for North Korean coal.

North Korea has spent considerable effort and resources to develop the site as a "civilian space program" facility, denying that it has a military application, said Jenny Town, a research analyst at the 38 North.

Kim Oldfield, 67, of Culverville, California, a registered Independent who voted for Trump, said she was fine Kim coming to Washington as part of a nuclear deal.

Also, Pompeo dropped heavy hints in July 2017, right after North Korea began testing missiles that could hit the us, that he'd like to separate Kim from power.

It has long proposed a "dual suspension", whereby North Korea stops weapons tests and the US and South Korea stop military drills, to encourage talks.

Mattis said he would visit Seoul, where he will hold talks with Defense Minister Song Young-moo, and Beijing next week to "sort out the way ahead".

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