People are already torching things they shouldn't with Elon Musk's flamethrowers

Roman Schwartz
June 12, 2018

Now Elon Musk has completed his hottest project ever with the release of a super-dangerous new flamethrower. Only 20,000 of them would be made, he said, and they quickly sold out. (Shortly after the sale was announced, the items were dubbed "Not a Flamethrower" in order to circumvent shipping regulations against items called flamethrowers.) On Saturday, the company distributed the first 1,000 of them in LA.

In a quaint message to flamethrower buyers, The Boring Company sent out an email alerting customers to today's pickup party in Los Angeles.

Musk tweeted what he claimed was the terms and conditions for the machines, some of which were presented in the style of the United States children's author Dr. Seuss. "I will not use this in a house".

The clever idea behind these flamethrower pick up parties originally stemmed from the fact that shipping these devices proved to be quite hard given the fact that they contained propane. I will not point this at my spouse.

Earlier this year when news of the flamethrowers came out, it resulted in $10 million Dollars gross revenue in just a few days.

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We want to be fearless enough to walk through the door and win games". It would be nice to play a few more games like this.

Not all of the images depicted safe or controlled use of the machines, however.

Musk's terms and conditions recommended using them for crème brûlée - these people obliged.

As of Monday morning, multiple eBay listings show the device for anywhere between $2,250 and $5,000.

As the flamethrower becomes more popular with rising market prices on eBay, others are concerned about the safety hazards of the fire emitters. You never know what Musk will come up with next. "Definitely don't buy one", Musk tweeted in January. "I bought something completely awesome and frivolous, so I'm going to also donate $1000 to the California Wildfire Relief Fund", he said on Twitter.

Musk's Boring Company has already built a shorter tunnel on SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

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