International House of Burgers: 'IHOP' becomes 'IHOb'

Sergio Cunningham
June 12, 2018

On Monday, IHOP revealed what the "b" stands for in their name change.

As social media campaigns go, the cryptic tweets issued by the International House of Pancakes - that it was planning to change its name from IHOP to IHOb -certainly had people talking.

A&W, Whataburger, Chili's and Denny's piled on with facetious name-changes and gibes about the new IHOB's burgers.

IHOP's splashy but temporary renaming to IHOb is burning up the Twitter trending charts and drawing smack talk from the likes of Wendy's, Denny's and even beef sandwich-fillings brand Steak-umm.

If you guessed that the "b" stood for burgers, you would have been correct.

The new name also earned a few burns from another restaurant chain.

Burgers. The "B" is for Burgers.

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"The change, in fact, celebrates the debut of the brand's new Ultimate Steakburgers", the company said in a press release about the seven new all-natural burger varieties.

In 1958, the very first "International House of Pancakes" opened in Toluca Lake, California, a sunny suburb of Los Angeles.

The risky switch from flapjacks to burgers comes after Dine Grand Global, the parent company of IHOP and Applebee's, saw a 1.9 percent decline in sales in its most recent fiscal year, reports show.

Of course, it didn't help that the chain failed to include "burgers" as an option on its Twitter poll. "The IHOP Culinary team took the creation of these Steakburgers as seriously as we take innovation around our pancakes, which means they're soon to become world famous, too".

"Dear internet thanks to everyone asking me this but no not every brand is having an identity crisis so I'm gonna stick to Pop-Tarts", their tweet said.

Other companies like MoonPie and Pop-Tarts threw some not-so-subtle shade at IHOb.

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