Command & Conquer: Rivals now available in pre-alpha on the Play Store

Judy Cobb
June 11, 2018

EA shows off some mobile game love with a surprise entry in the Command and Conquer series, Command and Conquer Rivals.

Surprise! Hilary Duff is pregnant
Duff confirmed the news in December, saying, "Timing is such a big deal... @hilaryduff another incredible chapter begins". The happy family were seen hanging out with some friends before they headed to a sushi dinner together.

The title's announcement was accompanied by a full-length gameplay trailer that goes into great detail explaining the game's features. EA's Command & Conquer: Rivals wants to be the successor of the beloved RTS (real-time strategy) franchise but is, in fact, a competitive real-time strategy game. As the missile's countdown exhausts, whoever controls the minority takes a devastating hit from the warhead. Players win the game by holding the missile launcher and shooting them into the enemy team's base. Android users can already pre-register for the game. There will likely be different varieties of maps and game modes available as well. Learn more about Command & Conquer: Rivals and the pre-alpha in this blog from the games General Manager, Michael Martinez. However, fans of the original Command and Conquer series may scoff at Command and Conquer Rivals as it may appear to dilute the core of the original series. "Rivals is specifically designed for mobile, so we're giving players quick, head-to head live battles with continuous unit control, where skill and strategy reign supreme". Rivals, players choose a Commander to lead their forces, each with his own abilities that can influence the gameplay style. Feel free to let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to stay tuned for more E3 2018.

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