Primary Election: Results are coming in

Leroy Wright
June 10, 2018

He dismissed allegations that he was involved in selling bogus Progressive Conservative party memberships, a candidate was dropped following accusations he was involved in an alleged theft of customer data at a toll highway operator, and Ford was frequently accused of failing to be transparent by dodging calls to release a fully costed platform.

While it might just be an oversight on his part, he did take the time to tweet out a congratulations to Doug Ford on his win.

She says the NDP rejected the politics of fear and division, putting hope at the heart of their campaign.

And in a handful of critical House races, the real competition is for second place.

Ontario's Conservatives, led by Ford, won 76 of the 124 seats in the province, with 99% of the polls reporting. "You will be asked to affiliate with one party or the other by accepting either the Republican ballot or the Democratic ballot", Davenport said.

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford capped an improbable rise to power Thursday, winning the Ontario election with a majority government and banishing Kathleen Wynne's Liberals into political oblivion after nearly 15 years in office.

"Parents want this sex-ed gone by the start of the new school year in September", she said.

"They've been laid lower than they've ever been before, (their loss) is not the single worst disaster for a major political party in Canada but it ranks up there", he said.

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The Liberals' intent on pushing through their agenda while in office may have made them appear disconnected from average voters and their needs, said Kathy Brock, a political science professor at Queen's University. "(She) capitalized well on the disapproval many Ontarians felt towards both (her rivals)". "My priority is balancing the family budget, making sure people have the services they need and the affordability on things like electricity and childcare and housing".

"We are modernizing Ontario's elections in a measured and principled way to give electors a better voting experience", said Greg Essensa, Ontario's chief electoral officer. He insisted an NDP government would inevitably mean reckless spending and higher taxes.

While this is the first election using this vote center model, Jarboe says it won't be the last in Sacramento County.

Ontario's new premier is undecided over whether he will attend Toronto's annual Pride parade later this month - and has previously said it is an event where men run down the street "buck naked". Horwath also won in her electoral district of Hamilton Centre with 49 per cent of the vote.

The premier had some fine campaign moments - many thought she'd won the debates with her intelligent, grounded performances. "(But) the tide is turning in more of a right-wing direction".

The party's president, Brian Johns, said the process to select an interim leader from the seven caucus members was underway, though he declined to say how long it would take or when the party would begin looking for a permanent successor to Wynne.

Campaign Life Coalition lauded the end of the Liberal "reign of terror" under Premier Kathleen Wynne, and claimed that Ford had social conservative voters to thank for his victory. "Her folksy populism, if sustained, could be a very effective counter to Ford once Ford has to make trade-offs". Wynn subsequently resigned as Liberal leader. "I might as well do it that way", Wrightsman said. "We owe so much to Rob's legacy". "I do know how to go to the mat".

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