Generation Zero Announced By The Developers of Rage 2 and Just Cause

Judy Cobb
June 10, 2018

Nothing in the trailer really tells us about the story, but we do get to see players facing off against some angry looking machines as well as one enormous robotic creature. Players will also be able to fearless Generation Zero's dangers alone or with up to three friends in seamless co-op, and the game will utilize a persistent day/night cycle along with procedurally generated enemy types that will hunt and pursue players with goal.

In the short trailer, Avalanche made sure to emphasize the 80s setting with players having punk hairstyles, clothing and even Walkmans.

Generation Zero is an open-world action game set in 1980's Sweden, where hostile machines have invaded the serene countryside. Are you interested in Generation Zero?

Get Ready. Then Fight Back.All enemies are persistently simulated in the world, and roam the landscape with intent and goal.

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The game was unveiled with a teaser trailer which sets the tone of the upcoming title, with music that gives off the vibe that the players will have a lot coming at them in this game. By tactically combining weapons, skills and equipment, you'll be able to lure, cripple, and destroy your enemies.

The game will also utilize a 1980's synth-style soundtrack to bolster its open-world guerrilla combat, taking cues from TV shows like Stranger Things and films like Red Dawn. The twist on that is that enemies will continue to wander the landscape if you don't destroy them, but they'll continue to bear the scars of your encounters until then. But what else would we expect from the studio that brought us lovely games like Just Cause 3 and Mad Max.

Avalanche is publishing this game itself in a company first. Whether it is the Just Cause franchise or Mad Max, subtlety in mayhem is not what we look out for.

Generation Zero is slated to launch sometime in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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