Called the unexpected benefits of chewing gum

Pearl Mccarthy
May 31, 2018

Even the muscles that are used simply to chew gum, or food for that matter, can increase heart rate and the number of calories burned. The study, performed at Tokyo's Waseda University, took male and female participants from ages 21-69 to test their theory.

It turned out that both men and women who'd chewed two pellets of real gum during the walk had significantly increased heart rates when compared with their powdered-gum counterparts. The subjects walked 15 minutes while chewing gum.

The people studied were divided into two groups.

The control trial involved the same 1-hour rest and 15 minute walk, however participants were given a powder to ingest which contained the same ingredients as gum, but did not require them to chew.

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Still looking for the secret to effortless weight loss? The authors wanted to write a first of its kind study to show the connection between chewing gum and walking and gather the results. If they did nothing but sit and chew gum, researcher calculated that they would lose 11 pounds at the end of a year. It can be concluded that gum chewing increased the heart rate, and CLS possibly led to increases in the physical functions of walking distance and steps'. They also measured the distance volunteers covered at a natural pace, the walking speed and how many steps they took.

The phenomenon, also known as "cardiac-locomotor coupling", happens when the heart beats in rhythm with movement. While the gum-chewing women in the survey did not seem to burn additional calories, gum-chewing men aged 40 and older did have a significant response. "When you're chewing gum, there's more muscle usage", Diaz said.

Researchers agree that: "Effective preventive methods and treatments for obesity are needed".

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