‘Wolf-like’ creature shot near Montana ranch puzzles experts

Cristina Cross
May 28, 2018

"I know I listened to it a lot", he said.

He added. "One was out somewhere in eastern central Montana killing sheep like insane. Number two, it's a prehistoric animal, like mastodons and saber-toothed tigers; so it doesn't exist", a spokesman for the agency, Bruce Auchly, said.

Others are also of the opinion that the mysterious creature can be a coywolf (a coyote wolf hybrid), or a wolfdog, which might have been bred in captivity and later released into the wild, according to BBC.

A "wolf-like" creature shot dead on a property in Montana in the U.S. has baffled wildlife experts and people are jumping to conclusions. Are we looking at a newly-discovered type of animal?

This animal was killed May 16 when it came within several hundred yards of a rancher's livestock. "There were domestic dogs in the area and then there were children". But after examining pictures of the specimen, specialists were left puzzled, concluding that it was probably not a purebred wolf, local news outlet KRTV reported. "I looked in the back and there's like a dozen wolves in there", Smucker recalled.

United States wildlife experts are also scratching their heads about the species of the animal. "I was like, yeah - maybe there was a sled dog team in there?"

Its front paws are abnormally small for a wolf
Its front paws are abnormally small for a wolf

The Billings Gazette reported Thursday that last year's population estimate was up from 851 in 2016.

The body of the animal shot outside Denton has now been transported, examined and frozen.

But in order to work out the exact species of the creature, the department sent its carcass to a lab, with DNA samples to be tested for identification. Self-proclaimed biologists, pseudo-scientists, and conspiracy theorists, of course, do not want to wait that long: social media has since been buzzing with rumors and claims - ranging from werewolf speculations, to cryptozoological claims, to assumptions about secret USA government breeding programs.

"If you're letting your dog run wild and it's chasing livestock, the property owner has the right to shoot it", Smucker said.

He added that it may be up to a week before results come in, which should help identify the cryptid.

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