President Trump signs off on directive to deregulate commercial space ventures

Cristina Cross
May 27, 2018

US President Donald Trump recently signed a directive to make space operations easier for private space companies, with which he is seeking, among other things, to reduce the requirements for take-offs and landings and to grant more licenses.

- Space Policy Directive - 2 (Directive) sets executive branch policy to ensure that government regulations adopted and enforced promote economic growth; minimize uncertainty for taxpayers, investors, and private industry; protect national security, public-safety, and foreign policy interests; and encourage American leadership in space commerce.

"We look forward to working with the Secretary of Transportation as that agency works on transforming the licensing of commercial space flight launch and re-entry and to coordinating with the Department of Commerce as it consolidates commercial spaceflight activities in the Office of the Secretary".

"This is a tremendous accomplishment by this administration on behalf of America's commercial space industry", Alan Stern, board chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, said in a statement.

The document also orders the commerce secretary to review regulations on the commercial remote-sensing industry, and gives the secretary 30 days to come up with a plan to create a "one-stop shop" within the Commerce Department for private-spaceflight regulation. It also directs the FCC to draft a report to improve space radio frequency policies.

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He was joined at the White House by Vice President Mike Pence, who heads the National Space Council.

UPDATING AND REFOCUSING: President Trump is committed to reforming our out-of-date space policies and has already taken significant steps to refocus United States space strategy. "The Trump administration's actions on space mean investments in high-tech, middle-class and blue-collar jobs that fuel our economy and secure our future", he said.

"Our thriving space economy will continue to grow and support our missions to the Moon and Mars thanks to the Administration's long-term investment in commercial partners who now successfully carry research and cargo to the International Space Station, and will soon transport USA astronauts from American soil for the first time since 2011".

Trump signed the space policy directive Thursday.

And SPD-2 started taking serious shape back in October 2017, at the first meeting of the newly resurrected National Space Council (NSC), Logsdon added.

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